I've got "news" to share

(Matt C) #41

It will go fine! You can’t say anything wrong as it is your story. :smiley:


Good luck Danny, tuning in now :grin:

(Richard Cook) #43

Listening on 5Live now!

(Dan) #44

DailyMail are a bunch of assholes.

There are grammatical/spelling mistakes in that article, which just goes to further prove their low standards, bunch of overpaid kids fresh out of elementary school.


Great interview on 5 live… absolute natural!

(imad) #46

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to say well done for all your good work. God bless and Guide.
So proud of you.:
Gambling: ‘A banking app helped me beat my addiction’

Introduce yourself :wave:
(Andy) #47

The piece has just started on BBC Breakfast on BBC1


Just saw this on BBC 1 phone recording for people who couldn’t catch it. Sorry about the quality and not sorry about daughter trying to get my attention :joy: it’s her day.

(Mo) #50

Just read the article on the BBC @Dannytc. Well done, you’re incredibly brave to talk about this and you’ve done it really well.

(Jack) #51

Pleased the BBC have told the right story :clap:t3:
Ignore the likes of daily mail :+1:t3:

(Tom ) #52

Danny - proud of you mate. :heartpulse:


Just caught up (segment started at 08:51 if anyone’s looking for it on iPlayer).

Well done Danny - and great to see the face behind the name! :smiley:

Edit: And here’s the link to Radio 5. Starts at 2:07:00.

(Is Santa here yet?) #54

Just listened to the 5live interview. Really well done Danny, that was brilliant :heart:

(Charlie Kelly) #55

Gambling: ‘A banking app helped me beat my addiction’ - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45652429

Brilliant to see Monzo’s work getting some big recognition - and congratulations to the person involved.


(Tom ) #56

He’s a natural! Very good interview - nailed it!


Just incase anyone wondered the main interview / feature on it all is at 12:00 on BBC radio 4, it’s not just me you’re in luck, it’s different people talking about banking tech !

(Tom) #58

This is so good Danny, well done! I would never have the confidence to discuss it in the media.

My first post here was asking Monzo to have the ability to block gambling transaction, and lucky for us they already had it far in development!

I got caught in the payday loan trap for six years, ended up losing over £120,000 - and I’m not rich, just have a standard job.

I’ve stopped gambling, not gambled for seven months and most of that is down to Monzo!

(Tom ) #59

Congratulations Tom, and thanks for sharing.

(Is Santa here yet?) #60

I hope you’re incredibly proud of yourself because you deserve to be :heart:

(Tony) #61

Lovely picture of you and your mum on that BBC page, @Dannytc.

Just caught up with the interview. Thought you did very well, very calm and measured. I’ll listen in at 12 too.