I've got "news" to share


That’s great news, remember we’re all here if you ever have doubt, these forums have also been great support for staying bet free

Well done :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #63

13:18 BBC News again :+1::wink: and Tom.


The video has just been put online. :slight_smile:

It’s been a good day !


This is fantastic @Dannytc top man :ok_hand:t2:


I feel like I want to donate to a justgiving page to help clear the rest of Danny’s debt. If that’s something you’d do @Dannytc please do it!

Or at least let us buy the Dannytc t-shirt. Picture of smug you with the caption “I MADE IT!”



Is there a particular point to start at?

(Kieran) #69

From the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just the feature video on that link, no skipping needed :slight_smile:


Ha ha, just never gambling again is as good as it can get!!


Erm… I have a complaint…

It would appear that after watching your video, you’ve bugged my Safari browser :joy:

I can’t get rid of your face!


Just wait for the new Monzo app icon. :scream: :wink:


I feel like you’re stalking me.


It’s OK - I’m waiting for Monzo to release a “Danny” block :joy:

(MikeF) #76

Does that only block Danny or does it also block Danny as a bonus?


Probably best to cover all Danny’s…

(Daniel White) #78

I’m at the Talking Newspaper conference doing the sound and we’ve been demonstrating how you can play a Talking Newspaper on an Amazon Echo and talking about the Gambling Block is the first thing in the BBC’s Flash Briefing!

Will try and capture it in a mo as we’ve got it rigged into our Desk at the moment!

(Brenda Wong) #79

@Dannytc :heart:️ You are incredible.


This was/is awesome @Dannytc. Congrats and well done! :clap:t3:

(Leonard) #81

Fantastic stuff @Dannytc - super proud mate!


Really great to see this getting serious coverage!
Surely gambling blocks across the industry are round the corner?!