I've got £10 of Google Play Credit, what app(s) should I buy?

Title says it all really, I use Google Opinion Rewards and I’ve racked up some credit. I’ve already got the apps that were on my wishlist and now I’m wondering what are other people’s go to (paid for) apps?


Would be nice if you could use it as a discount against Google Play Music.


Can you use them for movie rentals?

My memory is that’s what I used them for a few years ago but I haven’t used for a few years.

I pay for a few apps through subscriptions, but I don’t think I have a single app on my phone I’ve paid for as a one-off purchase.

That would be good but I’m a Spotify guy

I’m not 100% sure but I have used the credit for buying audiobooks in the past. Now I just use Audible.

I’ve got a few, the best buy being Nova Launcher Prime. There have been a few games purchased along the way too.

You can definitely use them on movie rentals or purchases, that’s what I’m saving for.

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Pokémon Go coins. Every time.

I use them to rent movies from YouTube :slight_smile:

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Tasker! Automate your phone to do cool stuff and boring stuff!


I’ve considered this a few times, but I just can’t think what I would actually get it to do for me.

I know you can automate things like turning my phone’s WiFi on and off, but I have unlimited data and rarely use WiFi on my phone, except occasionally when I want to cast someting.

What do you find it useful for?

I don’t mind paying for a game outright but I just can’t bring myself to buying coins, gold, gems, or anything to that effect.

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I usually spend it on Google Books. They have sale section where a lot are 99p…

Business Calendar 2??

I don’t have Android but can you donate this to a good cause (if you have nothing you NEED it for?)

You can use this balance to pay a month of Google Play, unfortunately you can’t use it as a discount, you need to have enough to cover the full amount, but the way I had it set up was to use your Google Play balance as the primary payment method, and your card as secondary. That way if you have enough that month, the balance will be used, if not it just charges your card as normal, so every so often you get a free month.

Sadly, I’ve now moved to Spotify, so now I’m in the same situation of having nothing to spend it on!


I would probably buy ad free versions of apps you already use.

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