ISAs 💰

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) let you save money without paying tax on any interest you earn. And our goal is to bring tax-free savings to your Monzo account before the end of the financial year.


Join the waiting list and find out more about our plans here.


Really looking forward to seeing this show up inside the app :grin::grin:

Hopefully we get to see some more info about ISAs soon :eyes:

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Looking forward to this one I must admit!


Looking forward to seeing this

Hi Richard

I joined up for the waiting list, but did not get an email back as a result

That seems to be the pattern of things for waiting lists for several fintechs, but I would personally prefer some confirmation

Is that a change that could be considered?

Looking forward to this I registered to be notified when it happens :slight_smile:

And what? What is the point of posting this? No interest rate no details why we have to join the waiting list? Not interested at all

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Don’t join then, that’s fine.

Every one of the making Monzo new features has a topic here on the forum that is linked to the making Monzo page. That’s why this is here.

If you want the details, you need to wait like the rest of us, but it’ll be a matter of weeks only since they intend to launch something before the current tax year ends next month


No point launching it before the new tax year. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything until April.

I also wouldn’t expect anything special.

If I was a betting man - 0.5% Instant Access ISA

I just can’t understand why they hide rate information.
To create a new post like - 100000 people in waiting list for ISA? Where is transparency?

I’m not sure what there is to be mad at. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Many will do for convenience factor though, I probably will.

I imagine the rate is still being finalised. Otherwise we’d know.


I imagine they’ve created a post so that they can link to the app or a blog post


On this thread

If they were not transparent they could have not told us at all and we would still be none the wiser nor clamouring for this addition

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I have never had an ISA

Will my chances of having one go up as a result of Monzo offering one, as compared to HSBC this last XX years. Yes

Will I get one. Maybe, need to understand more about the field

It’s just a savings account. You’ll do well to hit the limits.


Knew there was a guide somewhere.

Do we really need ISA account nowadays?
Since we can earn interest of up to £1000 tax free?

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That’s only for basic rate tax payers.

500 for higher rate.

0 for additional rate.

Higher rate who earns more than £45000 a year?

Maybe they are judging demand to take to a supplier :man_shrugging:

So, not hidden; maybe they don’t have the information to share yet.


£46,350 is the limit.

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