Cash ISA

Anyone have cash ISA invested here at Monzo? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I don’t have an ISA with Monzo, but what do you want to know?

I was wondering if I should invest in ISA here or invest in something other than ISAs.

Do you really mean invest it do you mean save?

Cash ISAs are just standard bank saving accounts in a tax free wrapper.

If you want to invest your money (with possibility of greater returns but also of losses) you may actually want a stocks & shares ISA, which are not available through Monzo.

I’ve been impressed with Wealthsimple’s Stocks and Shares ISA. It’s nice and simple and I’m currently getting 5-6% interest. Obviously there’s risk involved compared to a Cash ISA but this is very much long term for me. The bonus being it’s tax free.

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