ISA from Monzo to another bank

I would like to transfer money from my Monzo ISA to Nationwide help to buy ISA. I need bank details for that which are not in the app. Should I use my current account bank details?
Thanks for any help.

You’ll definitely need to contact Monzo in app chat for this answer. I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone do this yet.

In the chat they told me: close ISA in monzo, open new one, transfer the money. So not much help at All

Seems like the answer to me? What was you expecting?

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U cannot open two ISAs in one tax year. You need to transfer it but you need those details for that.


Ok got you.

Looks like it can’t be transferred at the moment, I would imagine as the service hasn’t been built yet.

The thing is that Monzo doesn’t need any system for that. I just need sort code and account number.

Someone new wrote to me in the app and he is not telling me to close the ISA so a small improvement.

If you don’t mind a bit of volatility, you may get a better return (and far less small print) with a Stock & Shares ISA, which I believe you can open in the same year as a cash ISA…

I believe that is inappropriate advice.

My understanding is whilst banks don’t have to provide the ability to transfer in an ISA, they do have to provide the ability to transfer out an ISA:

That’s interesting if true, but I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere else. Do you happen to know where this is stated on a HMRC website?

Hmm, it’s a bit unclear as to whether this needs to include a transfer form or not. :thinking: Original post edited to reflect.

Hi @xamriks :wave:

To transfer your Monzo ISA elsewhere, get in touch with the provider you want to move to and fill out an ISA transfer form. They’ll contact us for any relevant info and we’ll transfer the money. You can find out more about transferring your ISA here.

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I did :slight_smile: they need my ISA bank account details. In app I can only find my monzo account sort code and account number. Is that the same?


I think you’ve completely missed the OPs point here. They’re trying to do that, but your CS doesn’t understand.


Oops! My bad!

Sorry @xamriks! Let me try and find this information out for you. I’ll try and be as quick as I can (I’m not in the office today or working), so I’ll try and get some information as soon as possible for you.


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