Is Monzo negatively impacting my credit score?

Do you have a source for this? I don’t think they are.

I had no problems getting a mortgage (6 months ago) and I’ve been full Monzo for years. I actually applied directly to the mortgage company I wanted. In different circumstances I would have used a broker.

Really easily to export the PDF statements from Monzo and email them off.

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Yup, same for me too.

Just like it would be with any other bank. They weren’t confused with the pot transactions either like some people have claimed.

I need to challenge this, lest it become a “fact” or common knowledge. Because it’s just not the case.

The 11 or so (as I recall) founding members… The ones who left, left at varying points long before Tom did. And I don’t think any of their leaving was related to Monzo getting to a point where it needed to make a profit.

Paul left at least a year before Tom stepped down, and had reduced his involvement for the year prior to that - he took a long sabbatical and then returned part time before leaving. Jason left to found 11FS years before that, I’m fairly certain he had already left before I even started, which was in 2016. Simon VC left to found Fronted a good year before Tom left. Gary left in 2019. Leah left in 2018 or 2019 as I recall.


Thanks for pointing that out, especially as several of these events are documented on this forum. But as you know, there will always be people on here who want to act like Monzo’s the kind of bank where the CEO fires everyone because one person resigns. :eyes::grimacing::zipper_mouth_face:


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A slight modification to:

the kind of bank where everyone resigns because one person resigns.

would be totally in keeping with even the certain person’s own book, and does not read much better, so maybe let us move things along

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Depends how you paint that narrative. That phrasing can totally be spin doctored (and has been) to be either good, or bad, for Anne/Starling’s reputation.

Yes please. I came here expecting to read complaints about Monzo negatively impacting someone’s credit score (and learn why it does or doesn’t [I still remember the old days when mortgages would be refused on the basis of using Monzo]) and instead the recent posts are just pointless bickering over which founder is better.


The Dominion controlled most of the Gamma quadrant, so their Founders have a decent claim, but back on topic now


I think it’s needed to correct someone pointlessly bashing and being wrong.


How dare you bring reason into the discussion when there’s a chance to be negative regardless of the facts!


I thought the same as you but then saw a post from a Monzo employee that stated that they were.

Or at least I think I saw it as can’t find the blummin post now :man_facepalming:

I’d highly recommend giving the team at Key Solutions a call. They’re totally independent, and full market brokers. This means they look for the best offer across all banks, rather than just a small minority they work alongside.

Their services are free - as they should be, given mortgage brokers get a hefty kickback from introducing you to a bank.

They’ll answer any questions you have, make you feel at ease, and do most of the heavy lifting for you.

There’s no obligation to use them after getting a feel for what they’re like. I wouldn’t use anyone else and have made numerous referrals to friends and family who’ve all agreed on their service :+1:

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You can ask Monzo in app, might take some persistent but they reveal it. I’ve done it myself.

The monthly income and outgoing figures are used to create an estimated salary. It done by all banks not just Monzo.

If you ask Monzo nicely they’ll give you a nice PDF of what TransUnion estimates your salary to be.

It’s used in the loans/overdrafts sections so when they ask how much your salary is they compare and depending on the delta it may count against you.

The monthly income/outgoing and salary aren’t included in any credit report, but should be imo.

Edit: somewhere in these Monzo forums I’ve posted screenshots before


Fair enough, I had the wrong impression/timeline.


Barclays (& other banks) should accept your verified Monzo bank statements for your spending. They maybe reluctant as it’s pieces of paper but ask for a more senior person if they do a “computer says no”. You will first of course need to ask Monzo to send stamped paper bank statements to your address.

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