Is a zero balance OK?

(Marc) #1

So I’ve just signed up to Monzo. Loving the app and will at some point put some money into my account.
I’m just wondering, is it OK to have a zero balance?

(Dan) #2

Having a zero balance is totally fine :smiley:. Your account will stay open at £0.00 and you won’t be charged or penalised in any way :+1:t2:.

(Lancelot Payne) #3

You’ll be fine :smiley: enjoy the account when you do start to use it :+1:t4:

(Marc) #4

Thanks Dan :ok_hand:


Just to add: if you attempt to buy anything with a balance of 0 it will just decline. Unless you have actively opted in to the overdraft.

(Marc) #6

Great. Cheers for the info @redshift

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