iPhone 14 Pro Max Issues

Issue: iPhone 14 Pro Max App Crashes

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 16.0.1
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB
App Version: 4.47.0

When I install the Monzo app on my new iPhone, it crashed every time after the initial opening.

Did you install from a backup or from the App Store?

Fine here.

Delete, restart your phone, reinstall


No issues here.

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Downloaded fresh from the App Store.
Just deleted, restarted and reinstalled.
Will let you know

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Update - it’s still doing it…

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I realise the new phone in play sets you thinking it must be the cause. But it’s a fairly common issue on iOS in general at this point across various different phones, iOS versions, and Monzo app versions.

There are a few threads about it now, and this one’s mine.

Concerning that the delete app, restart device, then reinstall app isn’t working for you. Til now it’s been the only thing that can reliably temporarily fix it. In the restart step, try the force reboot as opposed to just turning the phone off and back on.

One thing that also worked for me in the past was to upgrade to the test flight version.


Are your other apps all working okay? I’ve had issues with apps opening before that were fixed by a clean reinstall of iOS using iTunes.

I’m also experiencing crashes on my iPhone 14 pro.

It was working fine, then it crashed in the background and now I’m unable to open it.

Happens on both TestFlight and App Store releases :slightly_frowning_face:


When I re-downloaded it this time, I stopped location services having access and also notifications and no dark mode. Seems to be working fine at the moment, admittedly without the above.

Successfully installed mine on 14pro max 256
But my issue is that I’m not getting any payment authorisation notification.

I’ve already signed out of my previous device and tried restarting the phone and the app, no joy

Full notification settings are granted on iOs settings

Any further troubleshootings that anyone recommend?

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