[iOS] Transferring to a pot - comma becomes full stop

(Andy Hey) #1

Issue: When you are transferring an amount to a pot in app and you type the value such as 1543.86 to transfer, hitting the plus or minus button then go back into the value the nicely formatted comma value changes to a fullstop

Details to reproduce:
Open the app, go to account. You must have at least 1 pot created and this can be a normal pot or a savings pot. Tap the + to add to the pot. Tap the 100 pre filled amount and enter your decimal amount to transfer e.g. 1543.86. Tap out of the text box. The value becomes “nicely formatted” e.g. 1,543.86. Now tap the + to increase this value (in this example it should become 1,600. Tap back into the text box and hit delete once. The value changes to 1.60. Tap back oput the text box and this value is retained. It should be 160 NOT 1.60. It appears that the , is being replaced with a . which is dramatically different!
iOS 12.1.2
iPhone XS Max
App Version:
2.28.0 #497


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(Andy Hey) #2

Can’t help feeling this is a pretty dangerous bug especially with savings pots - any sign of a fix?