[iOS] Transactions doubling up after spending

Issue: I was out having lunch today and paid for my food with my physical card. When I checked the app, the payment had doubled up and it looked like I had been charged once. I only noticed this after leaving the restaurant. I was about to head in there demanding my money back, when I tapped on one of the payments and the detail was of a different payment made that day.

Something funky happening, perhaps?

Details to reproduce: Not sure how you’d reproduce this one to be honest.
OS: iOS 12.2
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.44.0 #521

Screenshots: I can DM them if needed as my they’re my transactions.

I’ve noticed this once.

I looked at my transaction feed at the end of the day to see five transactions, one of which was doubled up. On opening that transaction, a different transaction opened up. Going back to the transaction feed, the next transaction was doubled up.

As I went down the transaction feed, this kept happening until I got to the bottom of that day’s transactions.

Yep this is what happened to me.