iOS Shortcuts (againnn)

I am kind of surprised that there’s zero support for iOS shortcuts in the Monzo app. I can’t imagine that it’s a security issue given that a lot of the same functionality is exposed to IFTTT. There seem to have been quite a few historical threads about this (here, here, here). This seems like the kind of thing that would be an ideal extra feature for Monzo Plus? Not an essential part of a bank, but nonetheless an exceptionally useful added extra for those who want to pony up. Better than shoving all the budgeting features behind a paywall, too. I think that a lot of the things that people request here on the forums could actually be solved via this feature. Teach a man to fish, and all that. But at least give him the net!


They’d have to make it available to everyone, but it would be great to have a ‘pay someone’ shortcut. I doubt that’ll come because they seem reluctant to add the CVV to the app


Not wanting to derail, but there has been no support whatsoever for :android: widgets so far, which iOS has.
But :android: does have a ‘Send money’ long press on the :monzo: app icon which takes you to the Monzo Payments tab.


So does iOS

Genuine question…
Does :android: have an Apple Shortcuts equivalent

The one thing I’d say is judging by the rare development updates we get, the iOS team does seem to lag behind the Android team nowadays in terms of new features(reordering Pots and Dark mode are the first two mind ) so I wouldn’t hold out hope for any iOS specific features anytime soon.

Androids had it for a fair old time where you long press to get shortcuts up for whatever app. I always forget about it to be honest, it’s not a feature I use.

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Ahhh I think we’re all misunderstanding what each other mean, maybe anyway

I don’t mean the long press to get quick actions. On iOS we have an called Shortcuts, I think it came in iOS13 off the too if my head, but it’s best described like IFTTT, you perform actions based on certain triggers, there’s thousands of OS specific triggers and actions built in, however, third party apps can add them as well

On Android you have just ‘Send money’ as a long-press shortcut, along with any active notifications shown too - plus ‘Pause Monzo’ (pause :monzo: notifications for the remainder of the day) and ‘App info’ (open, uninstall, Force stop, app accessibility/data/cache, etc.). But that’s it.

So if Monzo on iOS has no iOS Shortcuts available, then feature parity is already there - as in - it doesn’t exist for either platform because no native equivalent exists on Android. In fact, iOS appears to have better long-press options than Android :cry:

Yes it’s not the trivial shortcuts thing in Android - I’ve used Android a lot and know it well. It’s this almost-a-whole-programming-language thing that’s embedded in iOS and can let you basically script any app, or combination of apps. It’s IFTTT, but it lives on your iPhone. And it’s that I think that they should expose some actions to.

So iOS Shortcuts is basically Android Tasker?
(with the difference that the iOS Shortcuts feature is implemented by Apple directly, rather than a 3rd party)

Yes, Tasker is the nearest Android equivalent.

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Anyone come across a shortcut that after you’ve pressed the heart button on a song / album on  Music it adds to a :heart: playlist? I tried making one to no avail

You can create a Smart Playlist in the Mac Music app that only shows Liked songs. That playlist will then sync to your phone and keep updated as you Like more songs.

Mad that you can’t make Smart Playlists in the iOS Music app.

Thanks I’ll take a look. Yeh it is mad. On Mac you can see all your heart :heart: songs but can’t seem to create an updated playlist

In the Music app do File menu > New > then Smart Playlist

Then set the options like this:

Then you should be sorted.

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Amazing thank you