iOS Shortcuts (Formerly Workflow)

Ok, So this came up in the feedback/ideas and features forum as a suggestion for Monzo. But here is a non Monzo query for you.

Is there a way to trigger them other than in app or via Siri? A bit like how IFTTT can trigger on multiple variables.

When I run a location based shortcut via Siri the current location is not pulled into the message and displays blank though ETA calculates fine etc so Shortcuts app and Siri have Location access… weird one.

And on a lighter note, what uses have people found for shortcuts so far?

The only other way I can see to trigger them is from the Shortcut Widget, which is pretty much the same as in app.

I’ve not had much of a play yet, or found anything spectacularly useful, but the only two I have is to get directions to my next calendar event, and to copy a url to Chrome.

It might be consigned to he ‘fun but not important’ drawer soon.

I’ve automated, and made soulless, the art of being a good son.


I just say “Hey Siri, going to mum’s” when I get in the car. The “Show Result” step gets read aloud to me over my car’s speakers.


Love it. I just need to convince my mum that you can leave a mobile phone on when you’re not using it :joy:


This is basically what I was aiming for, but when I want to it only populates the message if I run it from in-app.

Yeah, the Get Current Location step is a bit weird. It’s really slow and doesn’t work in the Siri interface for whatever reason. It works in the Shortcuts app and in the widget, though.

This is brilliant. I need to automate my social life.


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