[iOS] search bug - results missing

Issue: if you press the search button, certain transactions for the search terms are missing. I’ve been noticing this for a while, and recently it caused me not to be able to find a transaction I needed to find, until I realised that if I didn’t hit the search button after typing in the search bar that I could see more results.

It would be much better if pressing the search button had the same behaviour - I.e. not omitting results.

OS: :apple: iOS 15.4
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 4.23.0


Search results without pressing search button:

Search results when you do press the search button:

I had a similar thing on Android recently. Uninstalling the :monzo: app, restarting the phone, then downloading/installing the :monzo: app and then logging in fixed the search issue I was experiencing.

I’ve just done this but the issue persists unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

I have experienced this

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Hey :wave:

I’ve just tried this and I experience the same issue!

I’ve reported this internally so hopefully this is fixed soon.

If you do need help finding something please pop us a message in chat and the COps will be able to help :pray:


I’ve had this for some time, I found the workaround like you ………… let it filter the results, just don’t press search button.

Thank you :blush: