[iOS] Live search shows different results to when you press the search button

Issue: when searching, you get the live results displayed as you type. Once you press the search button, you get different results and half of the transactions no longer display.

Details to reproduce: type the name of a retailer in the search box and look at the live results. Then press the search button, and the search results change and a lot of transactions are missing.
OS: 12.3.1
Device: iPhone 7 Plus
App Version: 2.59.0 #550


I can only reproduce this with iTunes.

Maybe it’s a difference between the way iTunes is displayed on screen and how it looks in the data (I’m guessing).

I’ve managed to reproduce with National Lottery as well.

It seems to be something to do with when you hit search, it changes it to search by a retailer of that name (if there’s a match) rather than searching for the text that was entered. Hard to explain, but see screenshots above, you can see when the search button is hit, the iTunes search term changes into that grey background search. That only happens when the text matches a retailer name. If I search for just “itune” without the s, it doesn’t get converted into the retailer name and I can see all transactions.

You’re right though, it looks as though it’s a difference between the way the data is stored, and the way the data is displayed to us.