✅ [iOS] Round up bug on TestFlight 2.11.0

Coin Jar / Round up transaction functionality not working as expected.

The rounded up transaction has come off the total balance correctly, and moved to the correct pot, but the transaction does not appear rounded in the feed, the pot badge doesn’t show on the feed item, and the pot movement doesn’t show in the transaction detail.

Details to reproduce:
Have a pot with round ups enabled.
Have an account balance higher than £10.
Make a transaction for £3.85
Notice balance has decreased by £4
Notice 15p has moved into the round up pot.

iOS v11.2.6
iPhone X
App Version:
TestFlight 2.11.0

image image
image image

£261.82 - £25.72 = £2.10

The missing 15p transaction which has moved would make it £2.25 as showing in the Pot Balance

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Do you find it super laggy too when loading the feeds…

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