[iOS] Pulse graph pop-up showing incorrect amounts

Morning guys and girls!

Just noticed that the pulse graph at the top of the home screen with all your recent transactions has a bug where when you’ve scrolled back to the top to your most recent transaction, and then click anywhere on the pulse graph, the pop-up shows with incorrect account balance and total spent today.

Forgot to add, as like others who have replied below. The pop-up doesn’t disapear until you quit and close the app, then restart it.

Details to reproduce:
Click anywhere in the pulse graph when at the top of your recent transactions.
iOS 12
iPhone XS
App Version:
Monzo 2.16.0 #458


I have this same issue - I’ve got an iPhone X (rather than XS)

I can confirm this bug is also present on TestFlight 2.17.0, iOS 12 on iPhone Xs Max :iphone:. I’ve also had issues with the ‘popup’ not disappearing at all and being stuck on screen over the Pulse graph.

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That’s happened on my iPhone X iOS 12 as well. Had to force quit the app to get rid of it.

I’ve noticed this for a few days in mine. On iphone 7. Transactions in the last three weeks show as £0 spent on the graph (correct values show up for earlier days), the example attached I’d actually spent £100ish on all sorts.

Edit: the first day it reads incorrect is 20th September.


Same here on iPhone X. Graph shows previous day balance

On this note, can we have an XS Max screen size update please? :innocent:

Agreed! This is frustrating me so much in general at the moment with other apps too. Feel like I’m looking at WhatsApp through a magnifying glass even with dynamic text set to small :eyes:

@jaisullivan WhatsApp is the worse as it’s one of my daily drivers! Twitter & Instagram have been updated though so not all bad.