[iOS] Payments Screen UI Design

The tabs on the top of the payments screen seem to be slightly off centre — not hugely significant but thought it’s worth flagging from a design perspective! It looks worse when looking at the actual phone screen compared to the screenshot below.

OS: iOS 12.1.2
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.31.0 (500)


What’s the build number?

I am on version 2.31.0 build 500 and my shared tabs screen is under request.

iPhone X iOS 12.1.3 Dev beta 4 for reference

Weirdly, I’m also on build 500 :thinking:

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I am on that build without that extra tab. Must be in A/B testing. I know Android have it though.

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Oh… Then they must have made the nab change depending on screen size, although I didn’t think the XS Max was that much wider than the X :anguished:

Ah yes or A/B testing… I did hear :monzo: speak about doing some recently on new app features, including new pot layouts :+1:

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I’m on the version on the first post but my golden ticket icon is different!

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That’s my guess but it is just that.

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Android seem to be getting more love with little app tweaks over iOs currently, investor card inside the account window is something I want on iOS and also the correct app icons to pick from as they are different from Android and apparently the Android ones are the correct colours.
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I have an iPhone X but have the extra tab too.
Looks centred on iPhone X

iPhone X
iOS 12.1.2
Monzo 2.30.0

This is still present in the latest TestFlight build for me.

iPhone XS Max
iOS 12.1.4
Build 2.36.0 (508)

Same for me on iPhone XR latest build also

That layout not on JA at all I’m payment screen :wink: