[iOS] Notes and tags bug

Issue: Notes don’t show up when added

**Details to reproduce: Add a note to a transaction, go back to the main feed and it doesn’t show up in the main feed. Go BACK into the same note and then return to the feed, and now it shows up.

The bug appeared a few days ago. **
OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.24.0 #479



I’ve noticed the same bug.

OS: iOS 12.1

Device: iPhone 6s

App Version: 2.24.0

Yup. I’ve noticed the same. Really annoying.

OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone XR
App Version: 2.25.0

was just creating a report myself but saw this so here’s mine:

Notes added to payments don’t appear when you first add them then go back to the main feed screen.

Details to reproduce:

  • Click a transaction
  • Add notes to it
  • Click the back button
  • The note won’t be under the transaction unless you click back on the transaction and then off again…

Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.26.0 #484
This was also happening on the non-TestFlight version.

Could screen record it but would show too much personal stuff

More recently (on iOS) I am finding that notes are not visible instantly in the main home screen/feed of the app, to get it to update I then have to go back into the same transaction and then back out again.

Repro Steps;

  • Go into a transaction
  • Add a note
  • go back to home feed, note is not under merchant
  • go into a different transaction, and then back out, note is still not visible (optional step to show it can’t be any transaction)
  • go into the edited transaction again and then back out - note is now visible under merchant