iOS Messages app for group Saving Pots

(Iestyn Lloyd) #1

Currently trying to arrange a friends holiday, where I’m the allocated idiot thats handling all the bookings and money. Money is an issue, keeping track of who’s paid and people paying in instalments. An iOS Messages app that allows contributors of the chat to add funds to the pot would be a great help in making such future events easier to organise.


(Naji Esiri) #2

I don’t envy you! @iestynx Definitely pulled the short straw there!

Targets is the first version of a feature which will make it much easier to save communally and keep track of what everyone has paid. It’s on the way!


It would be a great idea. Everyone has been in your unfortunate position!!

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Just to build on Naji’s comment - you could use to send requests to be paid back, to everyone in your group, in iMessage. But obviously that would be quite a slow process, if you have to send lots of messages and there’s also no way of linking the request to the payment.

Bill splitting will let you send multiple links to contacts, from a single transaction records & the payments will be attached to transactions, Zancler shared a preview here -

I’m not sure how this could feed into a group chat in iMessage (I expect the links will be sent by text) but maybe the Monzo team have thought of a way. It’s a start anyway & it should be released in Q1.

My guess is that at some point (what Naji’s hinting at), Targets will adapted for bill splitting so when you ‘share the cost’ of a transaction, a Target will be created where the Overall Monthly Target is the total cost of the transaction & instead of categories, you’ll see Contact’s names. Each of the Contacts Targets would be the amount that’s been requested & the £x out of £x will show how much they’ve paid / still owe you. Maybe :thinking:

(Rika Raybould) #5

One of the most the nice things about iMessage apps is that they can degrade gracefully to web links if the receiving user does not have Monzo or even an iOS device.

An iMessage extension could start as simple as just generating the existing links from within the Messages app without having to bounce back to Monzo.

Once has the ability to link back to the original payment and track requests, I can see this kind of thing being very useful and quite powerful.