[iOS] KB's directory lacks exit button

**Issue: Navigating deep into KBs requires navigating all the way out **

Details to reproduce: If one navigates to the KB directory, then continues to navigate to articles, such as those suggested at the bottom, one must click the back button until one has navigated back to the KB directory to exit KB view
OS: iOS 12.4 (16G77)
Device: iPhone 6s Plus
App Version: 2.59.0


Navigate to directory:

Select Category:

Select KB:

Select Related Article, then continue to do so:

A whatnow?

If I browse the help articles, and keep opening new articles shown in the related articles section you cannot exit without hitting the back button the same number of articles viewed.

So if I browse 100 help articles I would need to hit back 100 times before getting back home.

Think of it like browsing wikipedia, where you click on the hyperlinks and view new articles. If you wanted to get home rather than clicking the home button, you had to click back until you got there.


No, it’s the ‘KB’s directory’ bit I was querying

Not a term I’ve heard before :grin:

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“Knowledge Base” I.T. jargon :grimacing:

–Sorry :see_no_evil:


Does your phones back button return you back to the main screen? Or does it do the same thing?

What back button?

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forgot to make this a proper reply. Not sure if there is a way to fix via edit

I suspect he means on an android phone.