[iOS] Interest Statements on JA shows PA statement

Issue: when in joint account the statements section shows an option for interest statements however the statement generated is for the personal account.

All other statements within JA statement options relate to the JA.

Expected behaviour: joint account interest statement is generated

Details to reproduce:
In joint account click account option
Click interest statements
Open statement

OS: iOS 13.3.1
Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
App Version: 3.14


Hey @glasgow ,

Thanks for the report, does it report the incorrect value of interest?


Hi @craigj the PDF on joint accounts just refers to the personal account and the amount of the personal account interest. No mention of joint account.

Hey @glasgow,

The statements are per user, so we display the user who’s requesting the statement’s name at the top.
All of the statement is specific to you except the sentence about the joint interest (if it’s applicable to you).
If you believe it’s generating the incorrect value could you contact us via the app and we’ll be able to look into it in more detail for you.