[iOS] Incorrect payee on QIF data export with Bill Splitting enabled in Labs

Issue: When Bill Splitting is enabled in labs, any payments received from other Monzo users via the Bill Splitting feature are shown as being received from the split transaction’s payee when exported to QIF format.

Details to reproduce:

  • Enable Bill Splitting.
  • Split a payment made to a company.
  • Receive money from another Monzo user for that split bill.
  • Export transactions as QIF.
  • The payee for the received money from another user will show as the original company.

OS: iOS 11.4.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.14.0 (present on earlier builds too)

Interesting :thinking:

Is this just for QIF or does it affect PDF and CSV?

Just QIF, PDF and CSV show them as P2P payments with the payee’s name as expected.

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