[iOS] "Exclude from Summary" affects budget when used in shared tabs


When you exclude a transaction from the summary, but the transaction is part of a shared tab for which you receive money, the transaction itself will not be deducted from your remaining budget, but the amount you receive from the tab will be added back on to the budget.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Make a transaction
  3. Create a shared tab and add the transaction to the tab
  4. Receive money for the shared tab
  5. Exclude the transaction from your summary
  6. See that your “left to spend” amount has increased, when it should have remained the same

Note that the specific order of adding to a tab and excluding from the summary does not seem to affect the bug, it appears regardless

iOS 12.1.4

iPhone 8

App Version:
2.49.0 #528


Note that I have already spent £78 on eating out. The £428 that appears in the “holidays” category is actually money that I received from the shared tab which should have been excluded.