Exclude from summary doesn’t exclude from monthly summary

It seems that the “exclude from summary” option on a transaction only excludes it from some summaries.

I have a joint account with a monthly spend of about £1500. This month I moved £20000 out of it. I would like the summary to ignore this transaction.

I have marked the transaction with “exclude from summary”.

  1. The transaction is ignored in the main account summary circle graph which shows ~£1000. This is as expected.
  2. The transaction is not excluded from the monthly transaction summary that is shown at the top of the screen when I tap on “this month”. Here I see separate graphs for the last few months, and a miniature circle graph for this month with a total of £21000 in the middle!

I’m using the “new look”.

Is this intended? I find it too be unexpected behaviour that the transaction is not excluded from the miniature summary as well as the large circle summary.

Your thoughts?