✅ [iOS] Done button not working on pot edit screen

Issue: ‘Done’ link doesn’t work on Pot edit screen

Details to reproduce:

  1. Hit the ‘settings’ button for any existing pot
  2. Make a change (or not!) and attempt to click ‘Done’ to complete.

OS: iOS 11.4.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.6.0




Same problem for me too. Previously included “£x/month” in my pot names as an aide memoire, but don’t need that now I can schedule payments!

Can confirm this also happens to me

Same on iOS 12.0

+1 for this issue.

It does look like the “Done” button registers the tap - it appears to fade slightly on press, although it’s subtle so could just be my eyes! Cancelling out of the setting screen works fine.

This does prevent me from making any changes to the pot name, or image - I need to delete and create a new pot if I want to amend either.

iPhone 7 running iOS 11.4. I’ll update to 11.4.1 later on and advise whether the issue is the same…

Same here iPhone 8 iOS12 Dev Beta 4 latest Testflight version

Looks like this is now fixed with the advent of the new ‘round up’ functionality!

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Fixed here

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Now fixed :+1: Thanks!

Hi guys,
I’m on iOS 12.1 and have the latest Monzo App updates installed - I have not been able to create a pot since it launched - I just dont have a ‘Next’/ ‘Done’ button.
Has anyone had that?

You haven’t given a pot name … does the button become active when you do?


I can’t believe I didn’t see that… thanks! All good.

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