✅ [iOS] Charity Category

It would be nice if there was a charity category for payments and direct debits. I’d like to have a monthly budget for charity spending.

The section could also have the ability to setup direct debits to some popular U.K. charities from within the app. There could then be “monthly charity spotlights” which promote certain charities that have mission statements that might align with some of monzo values (Good Things Foundation as an example).

Edit: Tell a lie its already there:


Not on ios :-1:


Ohh I felt foolish for a moment then :expressionless: it’s not on my version of the app but I guess it’s coming soon!

This has been recommended by users since Captain Birdseye was a Sea Cadet. Monzo just won’t implement it for some reason. It’s good that it’s listed on Android now though.

Looks like it’s been on :android: beta since 13th April so quite a while. There was some talk about a revamp of categories in line with the new navigation as well I believe so maybe it’s on hold during that work. Should probably update the title to [iOS] for the benefit of others.

I would move mountains to have a charity category on the iOS app. I have multiple giving per month amongst all the other out goings. Is this coming to iOS?


Bump! Likewise! Please move this forward :monzo:

I’d also really appreciate this as a category on iOS! :pray:

Me too! (Voted)

Not sure when appeared but just noticed that this is here today!!! (on testflight)

Bring on custom categoriessssssssssssssss

Edit: I can assign transactions to it but not showing up in budget so not fully here yet I guess?




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