[iOS] 'Card added to Apple Pay' and ‘Block gambling’ descriptions

Issue: The ‘card added to ApplePay’ text looks like it is the description for the ‘Block gambling transaction’

Details to reproduce: Open the manage your card page
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.47


Are you on TestFlight?

Yep but I get the same issue with the store release version

This has annoyed me in the past too

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This is down to limitations of Test Flight & Apple Pay’s add to wallet feature.

Simply put, it’s a side effect of being on TestFlight. :man_shrugging:t3:

I get the same on the app store version.

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Why would this be a TestFlight issue?

Yeah I’ve noticed that before too. Doesn’t make any sense to have it there.

I think it does make sense to have it there, but there should be a title saying “APPLE PAY” above the bit saying “Card added to Apple Pay” and perhaps “Card added to Apply Pay” should be in a different font.

I didn’t mean it shouldn’t be on that page.
Just meant it shouldn’t be positioned in a small font size directly under the gambling block control, which makes it look like a description of what’s above it.

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