[iOS][Android] split categories - still have to delete 0.00 before inputting a value

This is an ongoing frustration when splitting transactions into multiple categories.

When splitting between multiple categories, you still cannot just type in the value for the category/categories you’ve added, you are first forced to delete the 0.00 which is not a good user experience. It has been like this since split categories were introduced.

After you’ve deleted the 0.00, it still shows 0.00 but is now greyed out, and allows you to type a new value over it - this is how it should be already, the extra step serves no purpose other than to frustrate. (See visual difference below between 1st and 2nd pic).

Please can this be resolved :pray:


Just a thought instead of deleting the zeros, if you try to type whatever the amount is does it just overwrite the field already there.

Nope it doesn’t, hence me creating this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just edit the groceries one and the other will amend automatically.

Someone will likely review this over time :pray:

That doesn’t make things easier for 2 reasons:

  1. if you edit the main category split value, you still have to delete the current value before you can type in a new value, so the extra step is still there.
  2. if you have more than 1 additional category selected, you can’t get around having to delete zeros anyway.

It’s one of those things that just felt like an oversight on the day 1 release of this feature, that I hoped would be fixed at some point, but it now feels like a very long time since the category splitting feature was introduced.

I’m sure it used to work, unless it’s only in bill splitting it works and automatically amends the other boxes.

Automatically amends the other in android, maybe just an iOS thing.

I didn’t say it didn’t automatically amend the other value (in a 2 category split). What I said was that you still have to delete the value from the 1st category before you can type a new value over it, so it still doesn’t make it any easier. Whether I have to delete 5.85 or 0.00, it’s an extra step I shouldn’t have to take.

What it boils down to, is when you click in the 0.00 field, you should be able to just start typing the required value and not have to delete 3 zeros first. There is no circumstance where you’d want to leave a category split as 0.00, otherwise you wouldn’t be adding the category into the split into the first place :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

Got ya, but amending the first box circumvents the issue and auto populates. Appreciate your thoughts though.

Because top box is already filled with full value, it populates the other as 0.00 as that is effectively the true value needed to be in there.

Amending the first box doesn’t circumvent the issue, I have already explained why above.

Yes, it would start as 0.00, but as I have already explained above, when clicking into this, you shouldn’t have to delete the 3 zeros, you should just be able to type the required value for the category. You would never want to leave it as 0.00. After deleting the zeroes, 0.00 is still there, but greyed out, and you can type in the value you want. This is how it should be from the start. I explained all this in my first post.

I know, hopefully someone takes a look and explains further why this happens.