Splitting a transaction into more than 2 categories

Splitting a transaction into more than 2 categories doesn’t seem to work because when I enter one amount in the first category, one of the others automatically gets filled as the remaining amount. This is useful if there are 2 categories but if there are more than 2 it doesn’t seem possible to type them all in without altering one I had already entered. Am I doing something wrong?

Working fine for me but I left the first category to auto fill while I added the amount to the other 2


Completely agree it needs some work.

But having just played with it, it seems the easiest way is to work out what (if you have three categories for instance) the second and third ones are and change number 2 then number 3.

This appears to be because it will change the second last one you edited before it will change the last one.

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Thank you! Seems to work as long as I leave the first one to auto fill.

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