Category Split 'Discount' Field

I love the feature to be able to split transactions into multiple categories, even though the UI is pretty rudimentary and can be a bit of a pain to play ‘get the numbers in the right fields without changing the other correct fields’.

However - one pain point is if I ever use a gift card on a transaction - esp. if it’s something like a Tesco Gift Card where I’d use it on my groceries which takes the value off the overall total but I could’ve bought food, alcohol etc which I have as separate categories.

It would be nice to have a ‘discount’ field or similar which would allow me to input the actual value of the transaction and then split the discount equally between the multiple categories so it’s ‘fair’ - as the discount applies to the total and not the individual categories.

So your total food shop let’s say it’s £100. You use a £20 gift card. £80 to pay. You don’t want to put £40 on food and £40 on alcohol?

That’s an easy example!

Say I use a Tesco voucher (£5) which I got from Microsoft Rewards

Then I spend £11.25 on Alcohol, £16.32 on groceries, £7.21 on personal care stuff (shower gel etc.) - how do I split it then?

Take a bit off each? Give yourself the pack of beers for “free”?

Seems like you’re creating yourself a problem here!

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The solution is to divide the discount by the number of categories, and then take that divided sum and subtract it from all the categories.

Meh, maybe I’m just being OCD lol.

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What about a “discounts” category? Would that help?

It would achieve a similar effect but then you’re essentially saying that you’ve spent £5 on discounts which doesn’t make much sense.

The discount is already taken off the bill before you’ve paid with your debit card so surely it’s just a case of splitting the transaction into multiples of what you need and amending necessary?

The discount is taken off the total but not the individual items which are required to figure out how much to put in each category.

The receipt.

Breakdown and total each category,

Discount has already been deducted from said product, however they want to work it out.

Makes zero sense why you’re making it overly complex and complicated? Seems straight forward to me.