Invoicing and business ideas (just moved to Monzo Business)

I’ve moved from my old invoicing platform because they’re shutting down in the UK. I decided to move to Monzo Business because I wanted to streamline my money and invoicing but after looking at the invoicing section, it’s too simple without enough customisation. I will have to continue to generate my invoices elsewhere :frowning:

Important features;

:warning: Custom invoice numbers (already trading companies may have a number system)

:warning: Change ‘invoice from’ name

:warning: The ability to remove quantity from products and services list

:warning: The ability to add ‘hours’/‘days’ as an option (for service providers) on the products and services list

It would be nice to;

• Have more freedom to customise invoices (information and design)

• Have the option for the footer, VAT number, and email text to be copied automatically to new invoices

Good ideas.

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