Changing item types in invoice

It being a new tax year and all I’ve decided to do a move to Monzo business and doing so use your invoice platform.

Im a freelancer who is giving their time to clients and not any thing physical. Not being able to go up in increments on quantities is a major flaw!

For example. If my overtime on one particular job is say £50. I need to invoice weekly. One week may be 2 hours. The next may be 2.5. The way it’s currently set up is that I will have to change the OT rate, just get that £125 total in the OT row.

This being said as well if you were able to change the item so that it’s /hr rather than quantity would help massively.

Add VAT to an invoice should be a choice too. Just tick box whether you need it there. Or if there are no items that include VAT it should be there.

I would love to be able to move away from quick books as doing it all through my business account makes a lot more sense.

So far it’s still a work in progress I understand but there are loads of different types of free lancers you’ll have to cater for. The invoice platform is currently you very restricted.