Investor perks - sketchy?

I don’t put myself near multi milion investors, they don’t exist in my head :sweat_smile:. You are right though, they are different level then us - so let me rephrase, we don’t want any more tiering than we have already. :wink: Or only one tier for Monzo users.
It’s not about amount invested, it’s about any aspect. I’d be disappointed if someone who invested in first round got ‘gold investor’, while someone who only invested in second round got ‘silver investor’. We all love Monzo, just some of us lived under a rock for last year and didn’t hear about Monzo in 2016 (that would be me :sunglasses:).

Marketing wise, each t-shirt could be ‘worth’ a lot more, otherwise some companies wouldn’t be giving them away for free. Giving them to investors, even for £10 investment, probably gives better return than giving them to random people on the street, right?

Yes, as long as it’s also allowing Monzo to properly test them. I’m not an investor, but even if I was and Monzo made compelling case why they pick 100 users for testing, only 50 of them are investors and 50 of them are newer users, I wouldn’t mind, as long as the goal is to test current accounts quicker to all Monzonauts (common good).

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