Monzo plus for investors

As a Monzo investor I’d expect to revive the Monzo plus benefits free of charge

Not sure why you’d expect that? It’s like saying you’ve invested in a clothes company so expect free clothes from them every month. Doesn’t work like that unfortunately.


Unless you put in a lot of money I think this is largely unprofitable and unrealistic for Monzo to consider. As they opened up crowdfunding to give everyone a chance (instead of going down the easier option of a private funding round which requires less time/ effort/ money to coordinate) this means that some people who put in £10 would fall under the category of a Monzo investor.


As an investor, I’d have thought asking Monzo to increase their losses by giving their only ‘paid for’ product away to tens of thousands of people for free is the last thing you’d want.

Personally, I want Monzo to return me some money one day, not go bust through offering me perks.


Yeah it’s a bit like having shares of NKE and going wheres my free trainers?