Ideas for 'perks' for investing in our crowdfunding

(Tristan Thomas) #1

As some of you have noticed, we’re planning to do another crowdfunding round in the next 3 months — more specific details on that later on :wink:

We’re starting to think about what amazing perks we can offer investors this time — last year, everyone got a special “Investor” version of the beta card and I think that worked really well :heart: At our team meeting last night, someone suggested we should ask on the forum and so here we are! I’d love to hear what you think would be both valuable and genuinely useful/nice to have. We’re very keen not to just have stuff for the sake of stuff.

Here’s the spreadsheet we’ve been using to collect ideas: It should be public so anyone can add their thoughts and ideas (be nice please) :smiley:

(Peter ) #3

All about the scarfs.


Early access to the current account would be the most important one for me!

In terms of swag though I like the profile icon and ideas.

I also think the marking the card would be cool. I invested previously and got a regular beta card but I’ve never gotten round to complaining!

(Marta) #5

My grading for perks:
I kinda dislike ones giving actual benefits or perks from third party companies. No offence to contributor, but I can buy my own Spotify subscription. :unamused:

Not a fan of swag ones that doesn’t actually relate to product (specially printed card - yes, tshirt - nah). I might be isolated in my feelings though.

Ideas around getting to know the Monzo Team more or get involved in product - this type of perk I find the most suitable and rewarding. :astonished:


Discount on Monzo Overdraft rate.
“Investor” branded card.

(Adam Hockley) #7

Investors should be given account first of with perks
Do investor accounts before we go to full license:-)
And old investors same new investors given chance to invest again. To build there shares
I say our names on investor wall in the office to:-)
Investor desk would be good idea what secuirty would it give us access to that room? If so what would office have​:blush:Donuts? Pick are own account number to like be like low numbers like 00000001 or whatever :slight_smile:
Status on are account says Investor mean if you invite someone them automatically jump the queue:-)

Faster support and access for investors
More options in are account to show we are investor and i like office idea:) maybe own personal golden ticket for investor with unlimited use or can generate tickets are self :slight_smile: for investors only

(Peter Johnstone) #8

I love this idea! I think great perks in general need to centre around providing deeper involvement and engagement with the product, or customising it in some way (e.g. I really like the custom card numbers, ‘Investor’ cards) etc., and swag in general - something that calls attention to you and Monzo in some way.

What I don’t like the idea of is special privileges around the product (e.g. customer service queue jumps, better overdraft interest rates), because that then creates two different tiers of customer.

For me, at least, I intend to invest in the crowdfunding round because I love the product, because I truly believe in it, and because I can see how much potential it has - not because I see myself as ‘paying in advance’ for some slightly better version of the product? (Maybe this needs articulating better if it is not clear?)

(Louie O'Donoghue) #9

I think it would be pretty cool to have a special kind of card e.g. a darker more premium looking card. It would be amazing if you could make a metal card like the black Amex. Would definitely make you feel a little special when using it every day!


Investor branded cards for life seem like the most logical one to me. Some serious street cred there fo’ sho’!

/me dabs

(Jamie Mill) #11

100% agree with the investor card, I think when requesting a new card you can select normal, beta and investor (that way we can get whatever card you want)

I also love the pick an account number, defo a good perk!

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Look at crowdfunding geniuses Brewdog. Their secret is to offer things that don’t cost them anything but make the investors feel ultra passionate about their mission and make them proud to spread the word to everyone they know.

They give you a slick Investor card giving 5-10% off purchases (when they have 20-30% margin) so you take friends to show off that you’re a VIP and make them know that Brewdog is awesome and they should be a part of the journey. They invite you to their AGM but its an awesome party not a business meeting (£15 entry fee so again no cost to them!), They give you access to a secret investor community online. They send you free drinks at intervals if you’re a bigger investor, encouraging higher investments and involvement with the brand. When they have overstock they offer it at cost price to investors. The CEO emails you with ops updates. Very little cost to all that and their investors are all brand evangelists as a result.

Monzo is about 2% of the way to that level of awesome with a card with “Investor” just about visible on close inspection. To take it to the next level you need a custom investor app/skin to make the user experience somehow slightly different (with extra priviledged features like investor forum and ‘Send our CEO Tom a message’ or something (even if that goes to customer support and they just compile it for him), clearly different/superior card (all 4 colours of the M logo?), access to exclusive products e.g. automatically make them alphas and give them access to unreleased features, give some discounts on merchandise, when monitisation comes in give better/secret rates to investors. Loads of things you could do!


Wait i changed my mind… FREE HAT! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


The investor card for life would be a winner,along with earliest access so the current account. Seems fair.

(Thomas Welton) #15

Free Hat, free Hat, free Hat!

(Paul) #16

I like the idea of an investor card. However what’s the point of having a card with investor on it with no benefit attached. You never hand the card over to anyone nowadays as it’s all self placing in the card machines or touch technology. If you did hand the card over they are only interested in getting what you owe them off of it. I’m not into snobbery I would rather have benefits that hopefully doesn’t cost Monzo. If third party companies are going to offer products then puthaps discounts on financial products they are offering. Not interested in branded free clothing as I would never wear it. However, my own choosing of an account number would be brill as with a black card made of a different material. Or choosing your card colour.

(Fin) #17

I completely agree any perks shouldn’t create a two-tier customer base (faster customer service for investors for example). I think early (or earliest possible) access to the current account is a good one, as was done with the previous round in terms of skipping the card queue.

I like the idea of being able to pick an account number, or something like that (maybe your card has your Monzo user number subtly printed on it – that’s quite cool, and potential for future bragging rights), but appreciate that would probably be a logistical nightmare for Monzo to implement, all so a few thousand people can say, “my account number is my birthday”.

I like the idea of card customisation the most, and probably easier for Monzo to implement. There’s been lots of talk about people either liking of disliking the hot coral for example, so you could choose between two designs maybe. Me personally, by the looks of things I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t actually like, “investor” clearly labelled on my card. Frequently the card gets interest and you find yourself talking to people you don’t know, who then ask about your so called investor status – has been a bit awkward at times as typically that’s not the kind of thing I would offer up when meeting people.

So, some kind of option for investors, where you could choose your card, either; hot coral, maybe some kind of specific investor design (that people can choose whether it has “investor” on it – maybe the community could have a design contest?), or maybe some kind of “premium” looking card, like the black AMEX suggested above.


Agree with not creating a two tier customer base. I would just like a differentiated card- or maybe a choice of bank account number.

For someone who travels a lot, Monzo has been a blessing. I would be glad to support it to ensure it becomes a success.

(James Bond) #19

Investor branded card and early access to current account = “winner winner chicken dinner” for me.


The best investor perk for me would be pre-emption rights in every round of fundraising.

(tom) #22

You can always send me a message :slightly_smiling_face: