Investor Category?

Just had a thought. Might it be helpful to have a private discussion category here for crowdfunding investors? It could be really useful to have a dedicated space to discuss the more businessy and financial aspects of Mondo.

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Could be an idea. Not sure if all investors would be interested in that though

I think it’d be a good idea - especially if the investor community is likely to grow after the next round of fundraising.

I don’t think it should be private though, there’s no reason to split the community in that way.


I don’t think any discussion thread on this open community forum should be private for “investors only” as Colin said why would you want to split the community into perceived haves and have nots groups - it would be totally against Mondo refreshing open attitude to users and the community


I’d definitely be up for creating a category if it’s useful. Would probably not go for a private section at the moment, for many of the reasons already mentioned :slight_smile:

As someone who unfortunately missed the last investor round but wants to join the next one - yeah, I concur, please don’t make it private…


Yep make it so only people investors group can join:)

This would be a good idea. Should it be private? Probably…If not, a few investor evenings would be good…

Coming from a current ‘non investor’ I don’t see the point of making a specific investor category unless it is private and just for investors. That’s just my two cents though. If it’s going to be public, what would the main point be?