Investment shows in Monzo app but not on crowdcube?

(Ollie) #21

Just got mine!

(Simon) #22

Since I started the conversation, thought I’d just confirm my email from crowdcube arrived in the last 15 minutes or so

(Scott) #23

Hi guys, can confirm the crowdcube emails are out today. Portfolio has updated and it is now part of the account :slight_smile: congrats everyone who invested!!


I got the Monzo email, but I haven’t heard anything from Crowdcube. Not showing up on my Crowdcube portfoilio as well.

Should I be concerned…

(Jesse) #25

I also got the Monzo email today, but haven’t received anything from Crowdcube yet.

(Lauren Sansom) #26

Me too, no email from crowdcube?!?

(Lauren Sansom) #27

Nothing on my crowdcube either, I have only just signed up though

(Michael Peter Menezes) #28

Awaiting the email confirming it by crowdcube

(Only available in amateur ) #29

Not had one yet? It’ll go to the email associated with your Monzo account, some people have reported it’s gone to spam or promotions

(MikeF) #30

As far as I know the emails were done before Christmas. Best to hunt around for it.

(Colin Robinson) #31

Looks like this: