Invest with monzo

An article from April discussing Monzo’s plans to offer investments:

Is this still in the pipe line or something that is going to happen?

This isn’t about an investment round, it’s about an investing integration

Haven’t heard any more since but it was about funds and then Woodford happened. Funds aren’t as promising as once believed by some

Ooops ignore me! sorry!

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Huh? What does one poorly managed active fund have to do with every other fund? Passive index funds are as promising as ever.


Would be great if Monzo could get on this, like Dozens. Or show Dozens in the app :wink:

Oh god no.

Too many layers of middle men already with Dozens.

Really why? I haven’t tried it but have had a poke around. Is Nutmeg better?

Nutmeg might work out being cheaper then Dozens of you use Fixed Allocation, but neither are the solution.

Dozens are selling you an etf and assign a charge on top. These are not Dozens products they belong to someone else and you can readily buy them, without the Dozens fee elsewhere. (Saving yourself literally thousands of not hundreds of thousands if you’re serious about investing long term.) Whilst Nutmeg does the same thing, you’re paying for them to manage the portfolio for you.

The short answer is if you want thematic ETFs like Clean Energy or Robotics for example (both on Dozens) they can be bought on Freetrade fee free.

If you want someone to manage your investments like Nutmeg, use Vanguard and buy into their Lifestrategy funds, they’re half the price of most Nutmeg funds.

If you’re really serious about investing, buy Lars Kroijers investing demystified or Tim Hales Smarter Investing before you do anything.

There’s a great illustration here of how damaging fees are to a portfolio, see:

Thanks. I tried funds in the past through an IFA and lost a fair amount. I then changed to crowdfunding and direct share dealing, but I’ve lost a lot more through share dealing, so perhaps I should go back. The fund losses were during the crises, and the share losses were last Autumn, but I guess there’s always something like that going to happen when there are such egos in power. Never thought I’d reduce my risk appetite, but perhaps I’m better off in cash, at least until the White House changes hands.

Definitely read first before you do anything.

There’s a right and a wrong way to do it.

Yeah I read the Naked Trader, but the whole stop loss thing gets very expensive when the graph looks like the Nike swoosh. I kept getting stopped out and left behind, so I’d try without, and they’d just crash completely! Sadly the losses were so large that I thought some of them were unrecoverable (i.e. the market had realised that US tech stocks were badly over-valued), so I swapped out and now they’re all at record levels. I did keep a few though, thank goodness.

I’ve had some big ups and downs trading shares. My mining shares are down but my oilers are up big. Biggest mistake I made was over leveraging on CFDs.
But that big loss taught me well.

Stops are essential. Set your trading plan from the outset and don’t be scared to take the hit when you need to.

I have a few thousand ready to put back into the markets but they are too top heavy for me at the moment. Id expect UK companies to surge if the election result follows the polls because business will favour the Conservatives and you remove some of the Brexit uncertainty. Far more uncertainty over the pond if the Democrats unseat Mr Trump. If he is re-elected then :dollar::dollar::dollar:

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Not if he keeps teasing China? Pretty sure that’s what caused last Autumn…?

Yes possibly. I think they will agree a trade deal before the next election so that if he does lose he can say this trade deal was his legacy.

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