Introducing: Xero and FreeAgent for Business Accounts!

Great step. This would make me switch to Monzo Business.

I have one question:
Would it be possible to shoot a photo of your receipt within the Monzo app and get this automatically synced with FreeAgent?
At the moment I still need to sit down and manually go through all my transactions in FreeAgent and upload the receipts… This would be an absolute game changer for me as it would remove at few hours of monthly admin. :slight_smile:
The app mobileAgent seems to have this sync functionality. However, I always need to enter the expense manually first and then reconcile with the bank feed… :frowning:

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Could you do a link to PoweredNow?

Great idea :slight_smile: This is something that we’d love to support as we develop deeper integrations with accounting tools. We don’t support it yet, but keep an eye out for more updates.


Really desperate for QuickBooks integration :frowning: having to reformat the time and date in the CSV every few weeks is a real pain in the ass.

I’m really happy that a FreeAgent integration has been launched! I was terrible at remembering to manually enter in all my business transactions from Monzo.

Please investigate an integration with Crunch Accounting. They’re a pretty popular online accounting outfit. They have >10,000 customers, with a lot of tech savvy small businesses and freelancers on their books.

They already have integrations with a couple of banks, i.e. pulling in transactions automatically. I can tell you from personal experience that the online experience with most of the banks they do integrate with is absolutely woeful ( and I’d assume people using that would jump ship to Monzo in a heartbeat.

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I’ve set up the FreeAgent integration, but despite having sent money into the Monzo business account from my old bank, a sync has not been triggered to FreeAgent. When does it synchronise?

:arrow_up: Daily.