Get a breakdown of your monthly spending target 🎯

Hi everyone :wave: I’m Jack, an engineer working on Monzo Plus, Premium, and Trends.

Since we announced Targets in December, we’ve been thinking carefully about the next big
thing to bring to Trends, and today I’m delighted to present :drum:(drum roll)…

Category Targets :dart:

You’ll need to be on version 5.19.0 or higher of the iOS or Android Monzo App to set
category targets. We will be rolling this feature out gradually so if you don’t see it yet,
please check again soon (and we’ll keep you updated in the thread below).

Track your spending in more detail :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Similar to category budgets in Summary, you can now set individual spending targets for
any, or all, of your categories! (Note: you can’t set a target for a category which you are
excluding from your overall target).

With category targets in Trends you can also visualise the pace of your spending per
category with the same familiar interactive graph as your overall target. Simply tap on any
category in the breakdown section which you’ve set a target for.

With Monzo Plus and Premium, you can set targets and track spending in custom
categories, and also include spending from your other connected bank accounts and credit

Personalised recommendations

By default, each category will show the amount that you spent in the last month. You can
then adjust the number up or down (or enter something different entirely) to suit your needs.

With Monzo Plus and Premium, we will recommend personalised target amounts for each
category by analysing past spending behaviours. Therefore, your initial targets are tailored
using your average spending over the past year, and the overall target that you have

Try category targets for yourself

Head to the target tab in Trends and set up a new target or edit an existing target. Once you
have chosen an overall target, you will be able to select which categories you would also like
to track - perhaps to spot areas in which you tend to overspend.

As always, we’re very excited to receive your feedback. Your thoughtful insights often
influence what and how we build features at Monzo, Thank you :heart:

Monzo Plus is £5 per month • 3 month minimum • Must be aged 18+ • Ts&Cs apply

Monzo Premium is £15 per month • 6 month minimum • Must be aged 18-69 • Ts&Cs apply


That’s an amazing feature, so needed! Does it work with the joint account?


Ideally with separate targets for the same category depending on whether it’s the personal or joint account being viewed.



If you have your joint account selected then spending on that account will be counted towards your category target progress, much like the overall target.


Would there be an option to select the frequency of the target period to every 4 weeks (to match my salary income), similar to summary?
As of now, I feel targets for me is unworkable. :disappointed:


This isn’t available in my account yet - staged rollout?




Perfect to reduce my ‘eating out’ category spend and incentivise me to take my own lunches to work etc :partying_face:

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No idea why I didn’t read the paragraph IN BOLD properly. Doh. Jet-lag.


All we need now then is custom categories on the joint account. When might that arrive? :wink:

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Great addition. It was great and I’ve picked the main categories that I have the most control (or willpower) over. I use joint account a lot but also custom categories on personal. Having custom categories on the JA would be a big improvement.

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V excited to get my hands on this.

Seems like that’s nearly every major summary feature ported over. I can think of left to spend on the card feed, is there anything else?


I think the ability to exclude individual transactions would be a welcomed port into Trends.


What a great roll out - it will certainly help with drilling down to the specific areas of spend. :+1: But please work on a 28 day (4 weekly) pay cycle without it my whole experience of trends and left to spend is flawed. :pray:


I’m glad trends is still being worked on and it seems super useful for loads of people. So thank you :blush:

For me, I can’t really use it yet as I can’t exclude particular transactions. I set each bill to a category eg my car lease payment to transport and my pet insurance to pet care so at the moment trends just includes all my bills.


Would you look for exclude from all of Trends or just certain sections of it?

For example I would like to exclude a transaction from Targets as I have the funds for it saved in a pot but I still want the transaction to appear in Balance and Spending.

Was just about to come on here and ask if those who’d been blessed got a feed pop up or had to go into targets and was greeted with this!

Let’s go!


Category Targets should now be available for all users on the required App versions :rocket:

Please keep all of your feedback coming!