Introducing the new Monzo Plus

And to expand on that point again, looking at my IFTTT export - for the month of June I have a total of 48 transactions in that sheet.

In the Monzo export, I have 124 transactions for the same period.

A lot of that in my case is pot movements, but I’m missing more than half the data with IFTTT


That alone is worth £5 a month.


As stated in their OP, they seem to have decided not to compete with other bank’s premium accounts insurance offers. I think this is for the best, Monzo were never going to get the same insurance deals for their customers that mainstream banks get. So I do think overall the current direction of concentrating on upselling tech innovations is a better one (although for me it’s not value for money at this stage).

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Part of what I liked about the IFTTT sheet is that I could fudge the rows.

So when my girlfriend buys the shopping on her card, my cost row isn’t “£50 transfer to Beyonce” it’s actually “£50 Tesco”

But for the few rare occasions I this is an issue I can still edit the sheet. And to have a running total of what my last direct debit amount was for everything etc.

I have the sheets file permanently open on my computer, I use it everyday. So to have much better functionality is worth it for me.

I did say that I’d be really annoyed if they just took away the IFTTT and made you pay for it, but this seems like a big upgrade.


I like seeing today first but when I get paper bank statements I like today at the end

On thing @Lewis_P pointed out was that you can use “import range” to get the data into a separate sheet, which gives you all the benefit of your own tweaking, plus the full data set, plus IFTTT:

So even in that scenario, you could tweak that around in your Analysis Spreadsheet - without having to be tied to Monzo’s data structure.

This was actually the only part of the process that felt clunky to me!

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I don’t for a second buy into the notion that you are in fact Jay Z. Jay Z doesn’t even have a moustache!

In all seriousness though, this google sheets talk is really interesting and something I should probably look into myself.


If not being able to get the insurance deals at the right price then makes sense not to include it but as and when new products are launched on Monzo such as ISA Stocks & Shares account, mortgages etc then if they offer discounted rates to plus account holders then I’d see good value.

I think a cash back feature would be good as it would encourage users to spend more rather than just selected offers.

Transferwise are launching investments so they say so I think monzo could go down that way too

Also, we all know Beyonce is more of an Aldi kinda gal.

Honestly, so far this is the biggest value for me in Plus


All this talk about the value of the proposition got me looking again at Revolut and Curve’s premium offerings. Much of the value from those comes from whether you think the insurance is sufficient for your needs.

For me, Revolut doesn’t appeal as without a full current account offering I would need multiple accounts. Curve is good in theory so you don’t have to hold as many cards but even then it doesn’t have Amex. And similarly is more of a glorified aggregator rather than a full bank account.

I think if Monzo can offer value added insight and extra bonuses in the basic Plus account then insurance add-ons can come later down the line. Personally, I think pricing is around right, I probably would have priced it at £4/month but the current price is close enough.

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I signed up today to have a look at this. It’s all looking spectacular - great work on multiple complex features to make this a good product. Congratulations on the launch to the Monzo team.

I do worry a little about the direction this will push Monzo in (the incentive will be to put new features into plus unless there are very good reasons to leave them out IMO), but it’s a solid product and very polished, given they’ve decided to go with a freemium model. I think this is a really good start down that path, hopefully it will help Monzo become profitable.

Features I really liked:

  • The new card looks great - good job fixing the design
  • Virtual cards look really nice - just tried one out
  • Custom categories will be useful to me and are long overdue
  • Credit report in the app - nice and easy, would prefer it were a little more visible
  • Connecting other cards - connected my barclaycard without issues
  • Fee-free withdrawals - nice to see this as part of a package

Features I’m indifferent about (but which other people probably like):

  • Pitiful interest rates
  • Offers
  • Advanced roundups
  • Sending my bank data to google sheets (!)

I would like to lodge a plea with Monzo for some of these features to go to all Monzo users:

  • Please please please move your hot coral cards to the same style - your current basic cards look really dated. I rather like the old colour and would have chosen it for plus if I could.
  • How about normal users get a few custom categories free, upgrade to plus for more than 5 say?
  • How about expanding the current default categories once you get a handle on the ones people are adding? My first custom category was Saving, which I’ve wanted for years.

The only bit I’m really not keen on is the way Plus features have been balkanised in their own little section - so virtual cards don’t appear as an account as I’d expect. I’d expect new top level features which resemble accounts to appear in my accounts list - it would be really handy to see transactions on a virtual card. Why is it hidden away? Things like credit reports are hidden away under plus too and again could live at the end of that top level slider of accounts.

This sort of decision is sometimes seen as a temporary expedient (easier to test/rollout in its own section) but lasts for years and does lasting damage to the experience, it means features and bugs are not shared between different types of accounts like joint/personal/business/plus and there isn’t a coherent experience. So If I had one criticism of plus it’d be that it needs to be more integrated with normal Monzo, and ensure that normal Monzo is still a really great experience, with just limited versions of the same features as plus.

Finally, it’s really nice to see the Monzo team participating in the forum again and posting updates for significant features, long may it continue!


Yep I agree with this - the Feed needs to also reflect the Virtual Card as it’s own list.

Though I guess in future if VCard and Pay from Pot is possible, it makes that view more complex, so at least a way to see a filtered transaction history would be great.

Edit - and while I’m at it, since I’m so in love with Google Sheets right now, I think the export should also reference if it was a virtual card somewhere.

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Virtual cards only do transactions on main account balance list

I think every single banking app looks almost the same a list of accounts when you open it up nothing like what monzo is and having a list doesn’t look good on some

Virtual cards only do transactions on main account balance list

I don’t see why that precludes them from having their own transaction list with a nice card pic and the card details easily to hand instead of being hidden away under plus. People will think of them as analogous to credit cards or prepaid cards and it’d be much better to present them as such.

There are plenty of things in that sliding list already that don’t act like bank accounts and it would be very useful to see these transactions on their own (I don’t mind if they are also in the main account).

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My understanding is that there are certain categories/criteria of apps which are exempt from the Apple cut.

Definitely yes. I’ve just signed up to try it for 2 weeks. I haven’t ordered the card so that I can get my £5 back if I decide not to proceed.

Of all the things you can do from the Plus tab, ‘Order a card’ is first on the list.


I agree

I use curve they have a combined list of transactions and individual transaction lists associated with the card I think monzo could do that

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