Introducing the new Monzo Plus

You could just not order the new card for the time being, still have all the benefits less a new card then order the new card without the fee when you’re back in the country

Well mine arrived, part of me is a little sad to no longer have a signature hot coral card, I almost wish a holographic hot coral had been an option, as hot coral was an option with the previous plan, but alas - it’s striking at least. The logo is back on the correct side too, which I appreciate.


Mine has just arrived. It’s beautiful. :heart_eyes:


I might fake being sick to go home and see if my cards there

Feel left out


To be honest, the thing I most want/need, over and above the existing account, is the display of a running balance (needed for reconciling with my budget app). The running balance used to be accessible on a previous version of the app, until it was “improved”. (I know I can dig around for a bank statement on a pdf, but that is a faff and non-user friendly).

My banking needs are fairly basic.


With the Google sheets integration, you could make it yourself.

I’ve done it, you can see some of the things people are doing here. You don’t need Plus.


Been told that I can’t be offered this? Which is bizarre as doesn’t say anything in terms and conditions with regards to eligibility? Anyone explain this @tomdavies

Is there a reason to loose the plus under your photo but on my business account it still comes up business pro I had plus before I changed to new plus

I’ve had some time to digest the current position of Monzo and their Plus offering and I have some thoughts.

First, I love my Monzo account. I have my business and a joint account with them and everything I earn goes to Monzo. However, the rate at which I’m wowed by them has declined, and the envy looking over my shoulder at my previous legacy bank I left is increasing.

Monzo seems to be moving in a direction to where it is packaging things up that other banks offer for free, such as open banking and credit checking, and then selling them back to us under a ‘premium account’. I closed my legacy bank account (that had both of these things for free) and moved to Monzo because when I first heard about Monzo I bought into their “we’re not like other banks” ethos and believed that all the new tech they were offering us with the app was a sign of things to come.

As a challenger bank, Monzo managed to persuade me to move everything over because of the feature-rich app and how easy everything was. Initially, Monzo was chucking all this cool functionality our way that other banks hadn’t done, and now I’ve moved over it seems if I want the new stuff then I have to pay for it. Custom categories, open banking, credit checking. All things that other banks offer for free.

I understand that Monzo has to make money, but I moved to them because of the feature-rich app compared to competitors, but now their competitors offer more for free than Monzo.

As I said I have my joint account, my business account and personal account all with Monzo, and still believe the current offering is just about good enough to stay here, their bill pots and savings features are the best I’ve seen. But moving more cool stuff behind a paywall that other banks are offering for free, might just lose some customers.

It is now at the point where my previous account would have offered more functionality and benefits than my current Monzo if I had stayed. For example, rather than freezing my whole account if I lost my card, I could just prevent its physical use and still use ApplePay. I could use open banking to link my accounts and get free credit checking. I could have cashback on some purchases up to 15% and 1% interest on my balance up to £5,000. I would get also get 6 cinema tickets a year, too.

I hope Monzo is working hard behind the scenes to bring us more cool stuff. I know it’s just a bank, but the old legacy banks are playing catchup and in the case of my previous bank, their free offering just overtook Monzo.


Yup, they’re very obsolete to be fair, most places don’t use them, or even check them.

Nothing worth paying £5 a month for… so far at least!

1% is £1 in £100 only paid on up to £2000… it doesn’t even cover the subscription fee!
Most apps like Revolut allow you to see other bank accounts inside the Revolut app for FREE
Virtual Cards also offered for free with Revolut
Credit Score is available FREE with at least 3 providers
A hologram card… wow!, still not worth £5
Offers are usually from those providers that nobody wants offers from
Custom categories…Paying to be allowed to organise MY money in MY account the way I want?
Transaction Splitting – More as above
Advanced roundups… offered by MoneyBox already for free by connecting Monzo account to MoneyBox
you get a FREE £1 off for depositing your own money into your own account
£400 fee free ATM withdrawals overseas… already offered by Revolut for FREE


Why would anyone expect it to?
If it did, Monzo would be effectively paying you to use Plus. What would be the point of that?


They’d be incentivising you to leave your money with them so that it makes them money, by giving you cool software features.
The way other banks put you on a premium tier if you keep lots of savings / pay in high salaries regularly etc etc

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I didn’t expect it to - I’m just saying that People think 1% is a WOW factor… its not…1% really is nothing to get excited about at all

Received my new Monzo Plus card today, its lovely

Probably been mentioned already but when i added it to apple pay though still shows the old style Monzo Plus card, would be nice to have the new one with the hologram and colourway

Anyone having issues Verifying the new card through Google Pay? Takes me to the Monzo app and nothing happens and It can’t be verified.

EDIT: Fixed by removing the card and adding through Monzo first and not the other way round. Not sure why it didnt work adding through Google Pay.

You can, but you have to remove the old one & add it again. This is a limitation of Pay I believe.


Thanks for confirming that! Their post had me
worried for a second. N26 had these card representation issues with Apple Pay for the entire duration I was with them. It was very annoying that the cards didn’t match.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Thanks mate yes this worked