We’re in the process of putting together progression frameworks for each discipline across the company – and we’re collecting them all on!




Love this. I work in HR / Employer Brand (internal / external). Would be really interested in seeing how this develops and how it’s perceived internally, could be something we could learn from you!

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I always thought that was a walrus.


Thanks for making this public!


That damn parrot…

Great idea, loving the transparency!

Sorry, I know this is an old conversation but I’ve just come across your progression framework. It’s brilliant that you’ve shared it, thank you. I’m just wondering, do you have anything you can share on how you make the elements in the framework measurable, or do you accept it’s open to interpretation?

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I appreciate this is a ‘compass’ and its excellent. THANK YOU! I am also wondering if it could be developed to work alongside KPIs or OKRs or some kind of measurement against goals.


I really like this, and i’m wondering how you score individuals on their progress. What do you use for this as you don’t seem to be able to do it within this view? Presumably, you have some way of doing this for each employee?



@bea, the progression overview is my go to reference. Amazing tool! I realized Monzo took it offline. Is there any way to get access to it in a different form? Thanks in advance.

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I noticed this amazingly ambitious and bold resource has been down now for longer than it was up.

What would you say were the main challenges of having public transparency that meant you had to take this resource internal?