Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Agreed, someone else pointed out you’d never actually be able to make use of your full limit either, unless of course the product is to develop similarly to a credit card, allowing you to purchase whatever you like at any price, but pick and choose transactions over £30 to flex over x months.

This has probably been asked many of times but does anyone know when there are plans for credit limit increases with Monzo Flex?

Nothing mentioned to my knowledge.

They need to build the ability to adjust your limit before they can offer increases in my opinion.

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Ah… fair enough makes sense. Im sure it will be worth the wait. Hopefully they release the feature as a suprise by sending a push notification saying “Your eligible for a Credit Limit Increase. Accept in the Monzo App” :crossed_fingers:

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The tech is there, and surely it’ll be no different to how the overdraft slider works.

The front end part is there and can probably be copied, but not the back end part

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Cancelled my Flex account account a few days ago.

Attempted to make a purchase for a new MacBook Air the other day using the virtual card and because I use my joint account exclusively, no money is ever in my personal account.

That reason, as well as you having to have the money in your personal account to cover the first instalment straight away meant the payment didn’t go through. (It was my first time trying to flex a payment and didn’t know you needed the first instalment ready to go in your personal account).

Whipped out the Tymit card and worked a charm as buy now pay later should.

I think the tie to your personal account should be removed and having to pay the first instalment straight away. I’ll happily switch back to Flex if this happens though!


Yes I think the first instalment straight away is the most jarring thing with flex - if they got rid of that it’d feel much more comparable with a credit card for large purchases.



Only use the Personal account for 1p Savings challenge (coz no IFTTT integration with Joint accounts), Monzo loan payback (coz no Monzo loans on Joint accounts), and transferring money to individual pots, which are the source for 2 virtual cards for the mini-me’s to spend with (coz no Virtual Cards on Joint accounts)


Does flex have am impact on credit scores?

If you don’t pay, as with any other credit.


It looks like a credit card on your report

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Also there’s a hard search if you accept the credit agreement.

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I quite like it, as it makes me think more about if I can really afford what I’m flexing, as opposed to a credit card where I may not think about it and spend myself into trouble later down the line.

My understanding is Monzo cost to make Flex work this way in order to reduce the risk of people defaulting on large amounts.


I used Flex for the first time last month. Overall I think it has been very well implemented so far and was all very seamless :slightly_smiling_face:

My one bit of feedback though is I was disappointed to realise this month when the 1st instalment was due, that Flex hasn’t been integrated with Left to Spend yet which I see as a core feature of Monzo. I hope this can be implemented soon :pray:


I agree on this. Monzo seem to follow some strange interpretation of MVP when they release new features. The problem in this case is, by not integrating the ‘left to spend’ feature with Flex, it actually breaks the ‘left to spend’ feature as it’s now no longer a true figure. Features shouldn’t be released that result in other items breaking.


Does anybody (@TheoGibson ?) know if House and Car Insurance (one-off purchases, not subscription) can be paid using Flex?

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Used it for the Mrs Car Insurance last November

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Great - thanks for that :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it’s covid fatigue or my mind is just warped with a sense of time.

But when I saw “last November” I thought “Flex hasn’t been out that long has it?” then realised we’re mid January and really Nov is only 7 weeks ago.