Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later πŸš€

What stipulates whether S75 applied to a credit product in general (not Monzo specifically)? Is it the credit provider, or does it blanket apply to all credit products?

The law.

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I meant what scenario - because I’m assuming it’s not applicable to every single credit agreement?

If my memory serves correctly, if you take credit in order to make a purchase (like using a credit card or taking a loan for that purchase) S75 generally applies. If you take credit after the purchase, then it doesn’t.

So, for Flex, using the virtual card attracts S75 protection, flexing a purchase doesn’t.


Sorry so how do i resolve this? Not working with latest testflight?

I thought TestFlight builds specifically cant add cards to wallet as its a limitation with TestFlight deployed apps?
I recall people on TestFlight when virtual cards had to manually add the card details and approve via the app.

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Ahh thats a bit of a faff, if i have to download the app store version ill probably leave it for now then with having to redo magic sign in etc.

just copy the card number, sec code and expiry and add it to the wallet app manually, personally i only copied the card number and remembered the ccv and expiry but its easy enough to do


You don’t need to reinstall the app to switch from TestFlight to release.

You need to download the app again to replace the TF version – at least it shows a download button in the AppStore. Sadly there’s also the magic link sign in. For some reason you don’t need to sign in again when upgrading to TF but you do when downgrading

got my virtual card, failed the first time needed to force close the app but worked fine afterwards.
Just seen that virgin money have launched a similar product/ alteration to their credit offering, transactions needs to be over Β£250 though! seems like you can group transactions into one payment plan like one for a DIY project with a few different purchases - something like this on flex would be great!

No need for magic link sign in.

I re-downloaded App Store earlier today for same reason, then TestFlight again and both times it kept me signed in :ok_hand:

Nope - downgraded to the release version recently by simply updating the app via the App Store rather than TestFlight.

Can confirm. Switched to App Store version & back today. No need to sign in again.

The key is not to delete the app at all!

Something must be wrong on my end then. Never been able to do it without having to sign in again

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Can I just add my vote for Curve compatibility please? Would be handy to have.

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Waiting patiently for the notification for an invite πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ


Not sure if this has been answered before, but if i just pay off the agreed payment every month does this get recorded on my credit report that I’m just paying the minimum? I know on loans this isn’t recorded so was just wondering how it would apply with this?

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Yay got my invite to the virtual card. Had issues with TestFlight like others but I solved it ok. Haven’t tested the purchase yet but looking forward to giving it a spin. Well done Monzo


This is a pretty long thread now so I’m not sure if this has been answered already but I’m planning on making a big purchase soon and I’m trying to plan how I pay for it. I’ve been given access to Flex but can’t see a way of seeing what the repayment options/amounts are before I’ve made the purchase, is there a calculator anywhere?

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