Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

I know it’s 19% APR, should be able to work it out from there or find a generic online calculator :+1:

And it’s for 6 or 12 months apparently, according to in-app help.

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No but I think that’s a great suggestion in its own right and something I hope they add, the calculator is the part of the Tymit app I use most.

Please add this Monzo


Just got my virtual card notification this morning !

My bad if it’s been mentioned, but is there any plans for flex payments be deducted in the ‘left to spend’ section? Was surprised to see it didn’t work the same as other repeating payments.


So I just gave my first Virtual Flex transaction a go. Quite a nice experience all in all.

Firstly, it was for a the Apple Store app via Apple Pay - rather than an in person transaction using apple pay (I don’t know if that means anything different for the payment gateway etc, but still).

The transaction seemed slower than usual, not sure if thats signal related or something else. The transaction went through without the need to select the plan first, so that’s confirmed - but there’s a few bits that could be improved.

So, negatives first:

  • From what I can tell - you don’t get an “main feed” item to go select your payment plan - the only place you get that notification is your Flex Card pot feed - it would be great if you got an action card on your main feed to go and do that (given it defaults to the most expensive option) - or alternatively the ability to set a native setting as to which payment plan you use.
  • I got a notification from Apple Wallet, titled “Monzo Flex” with the full amount - I didn’t get a notification from the Monzo app itself, so I’m not sure if I’ve got a setting unticked or something else - but that seems like it could be better.
  • As predicted, it doesn’t work with Google Sheets

Good things:

  • When you go into your Flex pot it’s there waiting asking you to set your instalment plan
  • The instalment page shows you what your new monthly payments will be - although this didn’t update with changing the options
  • It’s simple and smooth to run.

Will share screen shots in a bit :slight_smile:


I second this :2nd_place_medal:


Oooh my virtual card has arrived! Adding it to my Apple Pay went smoothly so hopefully the bugs have been worked out now.

Now, what should I buy? :wink:

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I don’t know if it’s already possible (I still haven’t had the chance to use my new Virtual Flex card), but it would be nice if one could select the pay-in-3 free instalment plan as the default for all Flex card purchase, so I don’t have to remember to go in and select it manually after each purchase.


There’s a regulatory reason it defaults to 12

not sure what that means, but ok.

oh now I see the earlier post wherre they say “The reason we default to a 12 month term is because this is the contractual term.” Well, that’s a minor inconvenience, as I only planned on using it like a Klarna-like interest-free BNPL sort of thing.

It only defaults to 12 months if you don’t do anything yourself to change it first.

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I was going to sign up to flex now the virtual card has launched. But after reading that you can’t default to 0% or set it to automatically pay off in full after x period it would be more work for me to manage than my existing credit card product.

I know I’ll end up forgetting and being annoyed I’ve paid interest when it wasn’t my intention.

You get plenty of notifications :slight_smile:


now i’m confused… So it is possible to change the default? if so, how?

You have 24 hours to choose your payment length, you get notifications to do this.

If you don’t choose anything, then it’s 12 months.


Yeah I do wish you could set up a “default setting”, I might try a new transaction and ignore it to see how many notifications come in.

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You can’t change the default option. But you can select a payment plan before the default option kicks in due to inaction

This is a bit unfortunate. It feels like they’re banking on people’s laziness to get a few extra bucks. I hope they let us change this in the future.

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They’re not banking on anything, it’s the contractual term and as such the default option

It is made clear, and you receive notifications

How dare a loss making company make some money by offering an optional product.