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As many students who may be reading this topic. I am very interested in beginning my financial career at a firm such as Monzo. I am currently studying Real Estate at the University of Reading. Currently I am out on exchange studying Property in Malaysia. However, I am looking for Internship Oppurtunities this coming summer. Would a member of the Monzo HR/Recruitment team be able to advise me and other like-minded students.

I am able to send a copy of my CV on request.


Doesn’t look like any openings at the moment.

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Yes exactly, this is why I feel it should be asked as a topic to get more information. Because I am sure a firm such as Monzo would be willing to take on keen students wanting to learn more about the business.

Not saying it is bad to ask :slight_smile:

I just know that the company I work for get hundreds of applications each year, and my assumption is Monzo has the same.

I don’t know if they post it on their careers page, definitely an assumption on my part they do so in the same way…

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Yes, I think that fair enough to say.

If anyone reading this topic knows who I need to get in contact with to discuss internship opportunities I would appreciate a direct message.


Anyone have any further information on how I may go about securing an Internship at Monzo?

Hi James
This explanation from Kieran might be helpful for you:


Now that the Summer of 2019 is fast approaching, is Monzo large enough and developed enough to offer young students with an interest of obtaining a career in the banking industry the opportunity to carry out an internship with the firm?

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You might want to email Monzo. I don’t think the recruitment team look on the forums.