International transfer - Poland

(Katarzyna) #1

Hi! I would like to pay for a gift, but it is a Polish bank. Can I do international transfer for Polish bank? If yes, what I need?

(Peter Roberts) #2

As of writing you can’t send or receive international payments from your Monzo account :disappointed_relieved:. You could take a look at TransferWise to make the payment from your Monzo account

(Katarzyna) #3

Och! I read, and I thought that I can send polish money to mozno, but I see that it works both ways. Och… :frowning: Thanks a lot!! <3

(Peter Roberts) #4

You can spend from your Monzo card in foreign currencies etc but there’s no SEPA

(Katarzyna) #5

Yes, yes :wink: Thanks a lot for helping me.

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