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Hello all,

Cannot find really the information so if you can help me.

Is it possible to do international transfer ? From a French account to my monzo current account ?

Thanks a lot !


It’s not possible currently.

Try Trasferwise they are really good.


It is not possible directly as Monzo do not currently have IBAN and incoming SEPA or SWIFT payments.

So best to route though another UK account which has an IBAN (these can be easily set up online at Monese or Fire etc) or via a Third Party company such as Transferwise


So can I pay bills internationally? i.e send money from my monzo account overseas. One of the main attractions fo me having a monzo was the international payments being much better than using my bank. When I try to do it I don’t see an option to change the country of the bank you are going to pay. Does anyone know any more on this?


You can use card internationally to make payments but at the moment you can not do international transfers directly from your account. It means you can pay any merchants like at Amazon US but not pay someone directly with a bank transfer.

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That’s odd. I’ve never seen that said anywhere by Monzo. They are looking at Transferwise integration in the future, I believe. But it’s not here yet.


No it is not possible. But you can if you open an account at Monese or Fire.

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Possible confusion over ‘no international transaction fees’ :thinking:


Indeed that is most likely the case. I got monzo originally because it made travelling and spending abroad much easier. I have to send money to euro regularly and so hoped that with the creation of the current account I would be managing everything in one place but I am thinking to far into the future most likely. Hopefully it will come or at least be integrated with transferwise.

Bank transfer abroad

You can you Transferwise in the mean time. Much cheaper than using bank trasferers also really quick and easy.

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